Not much happens these days without a computer, whether it’s a desktop version in the office or the hand-held devices we carry around the clock. So when employers, parents, and spouses suspect someone in their life is up to no good, the first place to look for incriminating evidence is the digital data inside these machines.

Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations in Indianapolis uses state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques to extract information from electronics, providing our clients with discreet answers to difficult questions. Contact us at (317) 313-7948 today to find out how our computer forensics specialists can help set your mind at ease — one way or the other.

Computer Forensics in Indianapolis

Data Recovery & More

Whether you’re worried about fraudulent employees, misbehaving teenagers, or unfaithful romantic partners, our experienced professionals have the tools and the talent necessary to uncover the truth. Just as the licensed CPAs in our forensic accounting division are proficient at following the money to find proof of fraud, CFFI’s computer forensics investigators are skilled at reconstructing and analyzing electronic activity to get the facts.

We can collect and preserve data from computer hard drives and other digital media even if it has been deleted, hidden, or damaged. Among the information we have recovered for clients:

  • Emails and instant messages
  • Photos and other media
  • Website browsing history
  • Files and folders
  • And more

Digital forensics can be particularly useful when companies suspect employees of embezzling funds or stealing proprietary information. CFFI’s licensed private investigators are relentless yet inconspicuous, minimizing the impact of our inquiry on your ongoing business operations.

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E-Discovery Experts

When legal action is pending, we can go to court and present our findings on your behalf as court-recognized computer forensic experts. This process is called e-discovery. Sometimes, we can even show that the accused individual tried to cover his or her tracks by deleting a key piece of evidence. Our extensive experience in this realm allows Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations to deliver technical information in an understandable way to a judge and jury who aren’t familiar with complex computer reports.

Indianapolis E-Discovery Experts

How Does Computer Forensics Work?

The first step in an investigation is retrieving the electronic data by making an image or replica of the hard drive. Next, we examine and analyze the information it contains. Our forensic computer examiners can even find and reconstruct portions of a document that the user attempted to delete. Once the information has been assembled, we evaluate the data in our Indianapolis lab to figure out the user’s intentions. Our advanced knowledge and skill set allow us to find evidence that IT staff cannot.

In addition to working with computers and smartphones, CFFI’s forensic specialists can also retrieve and analyze data from Web and e-mail servers, as well as most other electronics — including GPS units, digital cameras, and more.

Trust the Professionals

At Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations, we combine our extensive digital expertise and wide-ranging investigative skills to provide unparalleled — and confidential — service to clients in Indianapolis, Indiana, and beyond. If you suspect wrongdoing at home, work, or government agency, call (317) 313-7948 to speak with one of our computer forensics experts. We work hard to protect individuals and companies throughout the state.