Statistics show that it’s likely someone will steal from your business. However, rushing to deadbolt the doors won’t help—because the perpetrator is one of your own employees. Occupational fraud is on the rise, but Certified Fraud and Forensic Investigations can use our specialty in finances and forensics to help protect your personal and corporate finances from swindlers. Forensics is the science of applying a field of knowledge, like finances, to get evidence for legal matters.

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Forensic Solutions to Scams

Unfortunately, scammers and fraudsters are creating more and more devious ways to rob you of your hard-earned money. In an effort to educate citizens, the FBI now lists dozens of popular scams online, including everything from Medicare fraud to credit card fraud. If you suspect fraud in your business or in your personal life, contact one of our professional investigators. In order to best protect you, we offer two specialized services: forensic accounting and computer forensics.

Forensic Accounting

If you think fraud is happening in your company, CFFI can conduct
forensic accounting through the following process:

  1. MEETING with the client to understand the issues, facts, and parties involved
  2. CONDUCTING a basic investigation to determine the forensic accounting strategy
  3. COLLECTING the evidence related to the issues at hand
  4. INTERVIEWING the involved parties to gain perspective and gather evidence
  5. ANALYZING the evidence, to include summarizing transactions, tracing the assets, calculating damages, performing sensitivity analysis, and utilizing computer applications, charts, and graphics
  6. PREPARING the report to explain the findings in a thorough manner that can be successfully interpreted by non-experts for litigation support

If we do find financial fraud activity, we can figure out who has been stealing, how long it’s been happening, and how much money has been lost. We can even use our own staff of Private Investigators, who we work with side-by-side, to conduct a background check on the employee in question to supplement the investigation. Not only are we a CPA firm, but we’re also a fully functioning private investigative firm.

Computer Forensics

If you suspect that an employee is committing fraud, or perpetrating another inappropriate or illegal activity, it’s sometimes difficult to find evidence. At CFFI, our experts are trained at computer forensics and e-discovery. We can retrieve an incredible amount of data from the employee’s computer—even data, software, e-mails, viewing history, or other information that was deleted in an effort to cover-up a crime. Then, our certified private investigators analyze the evidence.

If any of our forensic services detect fraud of any sort, we are able to present our findings in any court on your behalf.

The Fraud Triangle

According to the 2012 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, 87% of the people who commit occupational fraud are first-time offenders with clean employment histories. Why are these individuals so quick to mar their records with criminal activity?

In today’s culture, employees feel pressure to appear successful and support their families’ spending habits, so they rationalize their actions as minor, deserved, or temporary. Unless you take proactive measures to protect your business and its revenues and assets, those employees will seek the opportunity their position affords them for personal financial gain at your expense. These basic building blocks for fraud were identified decades ago in the “Fraud Triangle,” and still hold true in most fraud cases.

With so much at stake, don’t give fraud a chance; let our forensic professionals protect your corporate and personal finances. We look forward to serving you.