Scammers and fraudsters are getting more and more creative, coming up with hundreds of devious ways to steal your hard-earned money. Statistically speaking, you and your business are likely to be on their hit list.

Our Professional Services

Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations is a unique company because it’s licensed as both a CPA firm and as a private investigations firm. We combine the financial expertise of CPAs with the discreet research skills of private investigators to give you the best solutions for a government investigation or business investigation. Our credentials, as well as our decades of cumulative experience in the private, public, and law enforcement sectors, show that you can trust us with your investigations.

Mission Statement

To utilize our God-given accounting and investigation skills to follow the facts, reveal the truth, and protect the financial interests of the individuals and companies who confide in us.

Government Solutions

  • Tax Return Fraud Investigations
  • Government Monitoring
  • Fraud Auditing
  • Stolen Identity Consulting
  • Employee Interviews

Forensic Accounting

Digital Forensics

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations is a business with integrity that embraces its mission, “to utilize our God-given accounting and investigation skills to follow the facts, reveal the truth, and protect the financial interests of the individuals and companies who confide in us.” If you think you’re a victim of financial fraud, or if you simply want to learn more about how to protect yourself and your organization, contact us today at (317) 313-7948 to see how we can help you.

Forensic Accounting

Unfortunately, fraud has been on a steady incline. Businesses are losing substantial amounts of income because of untrustworthy employees, but our forensic accounting service can help. We want to help Indiana businesses keep what is yours and protect you from those would-be criminals who would gladly watch your business crumble for some easy cash.

Our experienced and fully credentialed team of investigators specializes in forensic accounting. Our expertise allows us to analyze financial information to find signs of embezzlement and fraudulent behavior, and to aid you in any legal proceedings that may arise. With Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations, you’ll always know that you’re working with a dedicated and tenacious group of professionals who take protecting your company’s reputation and earnings seriously.

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Digital Forensics

With technology embedded into nearly everything we do, it’s shouldn’t be surprising that digital devices contain a wealth of information. Our digital forensics experts have the cutting-edge tools and talent needed to extract telling data from computers, smartphones, and more, helping to protect you and your business from bad actors seeking to cheat you. Security systems will never be enough when the guilty parties are already on the inside.

Background Checks

Just as it is in every other state, Indiana will have its fair share of people who abuse the trust of others. If you believe you may be a victim of injustice due to someone’s corruption and lies, contact our professionals. We run background checks all the time, and you’d be surprised at what we find about those we research.

If you’re worried that your business is being defrauded or you’re being taken advantage of in your personal life, our professionals can gather the evidence needed to resolve the situation. If we find evidence of fraud, for example, we can determine who the responsible party is, how long the misbehavior has been happening, and the extent of the loss. If necessary, our computer examiners can even give expert testimony in court.

Call Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations’ Indianapolis office at (317) 313-7948 to discuss your situation. Your confidentiality and safety are our top priorities. Don’t be a victim any longer!