Did one of your accountants make a mistake on your financial records, or is your business currently being defrauded?

Does your new neighbor have a criminal history?

Life is full of uncertainties and questions; when you need the truth, contact Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations. CFFI is licensed in Indiana as a CPA and private investigator firm. We specialize in detecting financial fraud, as well as providing government solutions and investigative services for commercial and personal reasons, like child support fraud or background checks. Following are some of our major services:

  • Fraud Investigations: If you suspect fraud in your Indianapolis, Indiana, company, we can conduct a thorough investigation through forensic accounting to see who the perpetrator is — and how much revenue has been stolen. On the other hand, if all of your business’ revenue is accounted for, we can help you keep it that way.
  • Personal Investigation: Many personal crises can be alleviated with the help of a private investigator. Our discreet and highly qualified professionals can find a missing person, conduct surveillance, prove child support fraud, and much more. If you want the whole story, you need an experienced private investigator.
  • Background Checks: Don’t let just anyone into your Indiana workplace or home. Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations can help maintain your sense of security by performing a background check on any future leaders, caretakers, dating interests, or anyone else. We also specialize in doing volunteer and clergy background checks for churches. The potential impacts of trusting just anyone can lead to fraud or other types of devastating abuses; take control of your safety by utilizing background checks today.

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Indiana Background Check Professionals

Make sure you’re hiring or interacting with people you can trust. That’s a good rule to follow for everything in life. At Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations, our professionals have seen it all, and know the best ways to ensure you’re in good company. We’ll perform background checks on everyone from girlfriends and boyfriends to employees and neighbors. Call us to learn more.

Whether you need surveillance done on your workers or a fraud investigation conducted in your company, the certified experts at Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations can do the job discreetly and with the utmost professionalism. Contact us today at (317) 313-7948 to discuss how we can be of service to you.