Background Checks – Hook Connect and Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations Reach Deal

Indianapolis based Private Investigative Company, has reached an agreement with Hook Connect, to be the sole background screener for service vendors that are approved and endorsed by this Indiana based consumer referral company.  According to founder and owner Barbara Hook, “Hook Connect is officially teaming up with a State of Indiana licensed Private Investigations firm, Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations, to conduct background checks on all Professional Level for proper Approval and Endorsement opportunities to all types of Service Providers.  Hook Connect does not know of any Referral Resource that goes to this level!  We are here to protect the consumer from those dishonest companies. We are a FREE SERVICE TO THE CONSUMER/BUSINESS OWNER needing a referral for that Honest Company.” Hook Connect was founded to protect the consumer and business owner from unscrupulous service providers. FREE to the consumer referral resource of trustworthy service providers, Hook Connect is the Intersection … Continued

Business or Investment Background Checks

We regularly receive phone calls from clients interested in gathering due diligence on investment companies and/or the people who work for these establishments.  These clients understand that a business or investment background check is an invaluable precautions to identify risks to their potential investments. 

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Employee theft is on the rise.  In its study on 2012 retail theft, Jack L Hayes International found over 71,000 employees of 23 large retail chains were caught committing fraud by stealing from their employers, a 5.5% upswing from 2011.  An additional 1.1 million shoplifters from those same chains were detained, an increase of 7.4% from 2011.  The magnitude of loss from internal fraud and theft is staggering, and these are only the ones who were caught!  

Company Due Diligence and Background Checks

We recently took on an Indianapolis, Indiana client, “Susan,” that had an unforgettable experience with a repair contractor after a hailstorm damaged her home.  This blog will tell her story, and explain how Company Due Diligence and Background Checks can save you cash and spare you angst.

Background Checks and Interviewing

Hiring Advice from an Indiana Private Investigator It’s been said that human communication consists of 93% body language and 7% with words.  In this line of work, being able to distinguish between a lie and the truth becomes crucial.  The ability to properly read body language can be the difference in hiring an honest person or a stone-cold crook.  If you do a good job, your company may be paying big bonuses to your employees.  But if you fail, the company may be calling the bank to increase the size of your loan to cover the losses.  It is literally the difference between success and failure.

Background Checks – Know Your Prospective Employee

Part 1: Know Your Prospective Employee Our businesses are operating in a challenging environment, where we’re cutting costs anywhere we can to maintain profitability. How much harder would it be to remain profitable if there are hidden costs? Every day, trusted employees are stealing money right within the confines of their position. It could be enough to hurt your margin, or worse, drive you out of business. In this blog, I submit to you that one area you cannot afford to cut costs is on employment background checks. Companies must have employees on their teams who are honest and trustworthy. To reduce the risk of all sorts of deviant employment behavior, business owners should know their candidates by having background checks completed on all prospective employees. This is part 1 of a 3 series discussion on the importance of employment background checks.