Cell Phone Forensics

Our cell phone forensics client, Darryl, was suspicious that his girlfriend, Sara, was cheating.  He was examining cell phone statements when he noticed a certain number regularly appearing in Sara’s call and text history.  A quick look at her contacts showed the number belonged to “Ben,” her former boyfriend.  Darryl immediately assumed the worse and questioned her about the activity.  When she responded “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” and “it must have been a mistake on the phone bill,” Darryl knew there was a problem.  He put his planned proposal on hold, and gave us a call to check out her phone.  Sara had deleted all of the questionable text history and call log history, and was happy to consent to the search, presuming that we’d locate nothing.

Computer Forensics 101

As a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE), I am always being asked by my clients what they need to be mindful of in cases involving computer forensic evidence. Here are my thoughts of some “Do’s and Don’ts” of cases involving digital evidence (or computer forensics).  Computer Forensics is a process of obtaining electronic evidence from a computer hard drive or digital media device utilizing the court accepted process of preserving electronic evidence. Computer Forensics is a highly technical field and one must be careful not to spoil the evidence before it has been collected. Do secure the evidence Once you have identified a specific hardware involved in the investigation, it should be immediately secured from all accesses. Do avoid making changes to the device Do not make any changes to the device’s current state. If the device is powered on, leave it powered on and if the device is powered … Continued

Digital Cell Phone Forensics

We receive weekly requests from parents about acquiring and recovering data from their child’s cell phone.  We are an Indianapolis, Indiana Private Investigations firm that performs cell phone forensics and computer forensics.  We use cutting edge technology and techniques to help uncover what their child or loved one is doing during the countless hours spent on their iPhone and Android smartphones.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics Defined Computer Forensics, technically Computer Forensic Data Recovery (CFDR), is the science of recovering data from an electronic or digital source that may have been deleted or otherwise damaged or hidden.

Cell Phone Forensics for Parents and Spouses

Re: Cell Phone Forensics – The window into the lives of your loved ones Do you ever wonder what your children are doing on their cell phones after hours or when Mom and Dad aren’t around?  Do you think your spouse may be traveling down a road that can lead to disaster for your marriage or the breakup of your family?  The temptations that face today’s families are sadly overwhelming.  If you detect emotional changes in your loved ones or notice that they begin to closely guard and password protect their cell phones, all signs point to a secret, and their smartphone isn’t the vault they think it is with analysis through cell phone forensics.  Loved ones are worth forgiving, but you have to know what you are dealing with to take action.