Re: Cell Phone Forensics – The window into the lives of your loved ones

Do you ever wonder what your children are doing on their cell phones after hours or when Mom and Dad aren’t around?  Do you think your spouse may be traveling down a road that can lead to disaster for your marriage or the breakup of your family?  The temptations that face today’s families are sadly overwhelming.  If you detect emotional changes in your loved ones or notice that they begin to closely guard and password protect their cell phones, all signs point to a secret, and their smartphone isn’t the vault they think it is with analysis through cell phone forensics.  Loved ones are worth forgiving, but you have to know what you are dealing with to take action.

Cell phone forensics is not just for crimes and court, but also a great and little known tool that can quickly and discreetly provide you with peace of mind or confirm your suspicions when it comes to family.  Regardless of passwords and other security protections, items that we can recover from a smart phone through cell phone forensics include:

  • incoming & outgoing call logs with time and date
  • complete listing of all phone contacts
  • text messaging history
  • deleted voicemails
  • emails
  • visited website history
  • files downloaded
  • apps installed
  • camera shots taken
  • Locations where Wi-Fi was used
  • GPS  

We receive a high volume of calls from concerned spouses and parents, and we strive to make honorable recommendations that benefit families.

We specialize in Apple and Android devices, including smart phones and tablets, but can extract data from just about any known hand-held device.  If you would like a professional to perform cell phone forensics and examination with a personal touch, please contact us.

Michael & Jennifer Hathaway Cell Phone Forensics Specialists

Michael & Jennifer Hathaway
Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations (CFFI)
Indianapolis, Indiana