identity theft
We hear from many people who have been hit by scammers, fraudsters or cybercriminals that stole their identity, pilfered their credit card numbers, social security and bank account numbers.  You most likely have seen commercials about Identity Theft Protection, but through our identity theft training, we would like to provide you with some easy-to-use security techniques so you can take action and save money by not paying companies such as LifeLock to monitor your credit standing.

We have seen hundreds of victims from identity theft and helped them in various ways.  As a sergeant for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), I frequently am able to make the arrest of the suspects after the working citizens lost much of their hard-earned money, high-ranking credit score, personal time and faith in their fellow man.  But in order to cut the criminal off at the knees, we suggest to you there is a better way to combat this cyber-thief.   Through much experience on the job, we have implemented easy-to-learn techniques that will greatly reduce your risk for credit card theft, personal identity theft and protect you and your family’s assets.

Case Study:

I was assigned a case of identity theft of a 15 year-old.  The citizen’s identity was stolen by an illegal resident of the United States that was seeking credit and employment, but needed a valid citizen’s identity to achieve it.  The juvenile had his credit stolen and was unable to collect social security benefits owed to him upon his father’s death.  I was able to arrest the suspect and get a new social security number assigned to the juvenile to ensure he was able to collect the money needed and owed to him.  This is a very common example of how easy it is for anyone to have their identity stolen.  This could have easily been prevented.  Again, the key is to strategically place roadblocks in the criminal’s path to force them to look elsewhere.

We provide a training course using “5 Steps to Protect Identity.”   Once you learn these 5 crucial tools, there is no need to pay for identity theft insurance or hire a company to monitor your credit.   Contact us and we’ll discuss how we can help you take smart steps toward reducing your risk of identify theft.

Detective Sergeant Eric J. Eads