There are many reasons you could need help to locate missing persons:

You’re adopted and have always wanted to meet your biological parent(s). Locate Missing Persons

Your childhood sweetheart moved away and you’ve always wondered whether it could have worked.

Your wayward sibling left the house on bad terms and never made another contact.

You lost a parent at a young age, and never met your aunts, uncles, or cousins.

If you’re in any of these or other similar situations where you need help to locate missing persons, you’ve probably searched Facebook to no avail and asked everyone in your circle what they know about the person you’re looking for.  You may not have thought about hiring a private investigator.  It might not sound like the detective scenario you envisioned from TV, but a PI has access to intelligence databases that will get accurate results much more quickly and effectively than your own searches.

Even with limited information, we can quickly provide contact information for the person you’re looking for.  Consider this recent success story.

Recently, a middle-aged Indianapolis fellow contacted us with an interesting story.  He told us the man he’s always known as his father had recently passed away, and left a note confessing that he was not his biological father.  With a little personal investigation on his own, he was able to get the name of his biological father, and understood that the biological was similarly unaware that he had this son. With only a name, we were able to locate and provide an accurate phone number, physical address & email account that allowed our client to reach out and contact his biological the very next day.  While many years were lost, and a relationship would not be formed overnight, our client was relieved to know the truth and to be in contact his biological to learn about his ancestry.  And for our client, he came to find out that his biological father played professional baseball who once struck out Mickey Mantle in the big leagues. 

Please contact us if we can help you locate a lost loved one or unknown relative.

Michael R. Hathaway