GPS Tracking DeviceOne of our Indianapolis private investigators recently received a call from a parent who was planning a weekend vacation.  While the parent relatively trusted the teenage child, she wanted to keep a close covert eye on her daughter and her whereabouts.  Parents are rightfully concerned that their child could fall prey to a corrupt situation, and our GPS tracking system provided the parent with a peace of mind so she could enjoy her trip while keeping a current, live trace on her daughter’s location.

Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking is a relatively new tool that has become readily accessible to the general public.  The technology and access in the past have only been granted to federal, state and local governments but due to the advancement of affordable technology, we are now privy to those same investigative resources of other government agencies.  If you have a need to know what a child, spouse, or elderly parent is up to, using a GPS tracker may be the answer you’re looking for to protect you and your loved ones.

Years ago, this scenario would have required you to hire a surveillance crew in a van, which is not only intrusive, but also expensive, and runs the risk of blowing your cover if detected.  A GPS tracking device is a small box that is stealthily placed under the vehicle in question to covertly track and record things like:

  • Exact location every 5 seconds
  • Exact time arrived and address of destination
  • Length of time at destination
  • Route taken to the location
  • Driving speed

As you can see, GPS Tracking can provide a wealth of useful information in an unobtrusive manner. I’ve learned that it’s better be proactive than to sit back and hope for the best.  You cannot address the reality of a difficult situation until you have identified it, and a GPS tracking unit will help you do that, efficiently and covertly. 

If you have a need to know the truth about where your child or loved is spending their time and if you want to keep them away from destructive people and places, then contact one of our Indianapolis private investigators and we’ll discuss the best solution for your unique situation.

Michael R. Hathaway, Forensic Accountant

Michael R. Hathaway, CFE, CAMS, PI
Director of Investigations
Certified Fraud & Forensic Investigations